Making use of an old smartphone

I’m always thinking of how to use an old device. When you’ve given old phones to son and family, how else can they be used?

And then in a eureka moment, I hit upon a perfect use, at least if you’re a cyclist. So here’s a recipe for re-purposing an old smartphone into a smart cycling computer.

  1. Get a bike phone holder. I tried a couple, and this one is perfect, at least in dry conditions!
  2. Take you old phone and install Strava, Google Fit, or similar. Set it up with your home wi-fi, and connect before you set off.
  3. Also install DigitalHud from the Play store – it’s a great way to get live ‘movement’ data as you’re cycling.
    Digital HUD
  4. And Bob is your uncle – a smart, no-hassle odometer for your cycling!


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