Smart home device review: Sonoff Basic

The Sonoff Basic is a simple WiFi switch for the home. It only allows for live and neutral cable, so it’s ideal for simple bedside lamps or living room lights. I’ve got a couple, one for a standing light and one of a lava lamp. The latter is often left on by mistake, so having the ability to turn it on and off remotely is a godsend.

The switch is easy to set up. Cut the light cable near the plug (I highly recommend turning it off and unplugging before attempting this). Wire in the Sonoff switch, and plug back in.

Finally, get the app talking to the switch. Note that these switches only use 2.4ghz, so if you’ve got a router that’s dual band, disable the 5ghz. Press the button on the switch, and connect via the app.
Sounds easy, and it usually is.

So with this switch I set an on-time to be just before we get up in the morning, say 7am. Then I have the switch turn off after sunrise. To do the latter I use IFTTT, but of course I can manually turn the devices off using Google Home or the app.


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